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Product Design

What We Do

  • Design and manufacture custom blow-mold plastic products for industrial applications:
    The raw materials required for a specific application are blended and plasticized. This plastic is extruded as a sleeve of material (parison), which is then enclosed in the mold form. Internal air pressure forces the plastic to conform to the configuration of the mold, creating a hollow form. The parts are then removed from the machine, trimmed to customer specifications, inspected, and in some cases, assembled with other components before packing and shipping. Excess materials are shredded and reprocessed to reduce waste.
  • Use various materials including:
    • Polyethylene
    • Polypropylene
    • Thermoplastics Olefins (Santoprene)
    • ABS
    • Acetal
    ‚Äč• Glass-filled Polypropylene

Design Process

Using the customer application specifications, our Engineering Group…

  • Designs the custom molds for the product.
  • Applies its vast blow-mold production process knowledge and experience to refine the product to best meet the customer's application needs.
  • Helps to develop new product lines.
  • Redesigns products that require upgrading or improvement.


We manufacture a range of products varying in size from 1" (one inch) to 6' (six feet). These products are used in various applications: automotive boots (protective covers), refrigerator drain tubes, air ducts, water reservoirs, parts for dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, bin doors and food service panels, carafes, serving trays, and insulated plates.


The use of high quality material produces products that are flexible, strong and durable. Our versatility helps us develop new product lines and redesign parts that need upgrading or improvement. We demonstrate the close attention to detail and friendly customer service expected from a small company along with the production capability and the quality assurance expected from a major corporation.

Our goal is your satisfaction.