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Custom Plastic Manufacturer: Pet Toys & Products

OMICO Plastics, Inc.

Blow molded plastics are used in a variety of products and industries. The durability of today’s plastic is the smart economic choice for most industries. OMICO Plastics can work with you to create a custom mold for blow molded pet toys and products.

We know that quality, delivery times and safety are all priorities when blow molding pet products. As a 100% employee-owned company, we know that each product we create could end up being in our own home, given to our own pets. Taking pride in our work, we are excited to partner with you so your ideas get into the hands that need them. That includes making products that are safe and reliable.

How do we make plastic pet toys and products safe?


  • • By using only EPA approved materials.
  • • By always keeping the end user in mind.
  • • By inspecting products for sharp or rough edging to ensure they’re safe to touch or chew.


We will work closely with pet industry designers and manufacturers to create custom blow molds that will fit desired specifications. It’s not about just pushing out a part for us, it’s about creating the best product, with the best materials, based on your innovative ideas.

What materials do we use to create blow molded pet products?

  • • Polypropylene
  • • Polyethylene
  • • Customer specific materials
  • • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

What are our blow molding capabilities for pet toys and products?

  • • 26 Plastic Molding Machines with 0.66 to 25 lbs. shot capacity
  • • Product size from 1 inch to 6 feet
  • • Multi-component assemblies plastic welding and press fitting

OMICO Plastics helps get your ideas into the hands that need them.

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OMICO Plastics has been blow molding parts in Owensboro, KY since 1963. Our mission is to be a world class supplier of custom plastic products and to ensure customer satisfaction through continual improvements in quality, service and pricing.

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